Htc one m9 rumors and leaks

Author: CPUmodder



The HTC one series of phones have moved from zero to hero in the last few years. This small Taiwanese company was at the point of bankruptcy and their last ditch efforts created the HTC one (M7). When that phone launched there was not much in the market in terms of innovation in design, apple had the glass iPhones and the android side was littered with plastic toys. Entre the HTC one (m7), it stormed on to the market with its all aluminium design and front facing speakers, making it one of the best made and thought out phone of the year. Their second version of the one proved that there was still innovation left in the phone market and other companies had started to catch on that people want well-made devices. HTC boosted the metal content and bought us the duo style camera allowing us to refocus pictures after they had been taken. And now in 2015 we are awaiting the launch of the new more different HTC one (m9). From what we have been seeing flying around the rumour mill has been pretty conflicting with some saying that the duo camera is going to be ditched, and others saying its going to be back with a higher pixel count. Whatever the case the camera will have to improve in this generation, as it has always been one of the weakest links in the chain for the phone. If we do see a higher pixel count it will most likely be from the people over at Sony as they are at the moment supplying cameras to most hand set makers. Other than that we have no idea about release date, specs or any thing so I guess it's speculation time.

For me the HTC one m9 will need to come and shake up the market again for a third time with a better performing camera, a larger battery with a possible multi day life, as seen on things like the droid turbo as well as its signature build quality. In terms of size I would like to see what apple has done and have them offer 2 sizes. A much larger 'Phablet' style option like the one max and a smaller 5inch or so size device for people that don’t want such a big phone. Having used the iPhone 6 and 6plus I don’t see any benefits to a thinner device and would much rather have a thicker device with a bigger battery. If HTC manages to bring us a phone that has all the latest specs, ultimate build quality, size options a better camera and do all that with a multi day battery life I think they are on to a winner

But for the time being we can only speculate and guess what the gods at HTC are going to deliver to us. But we all know it will blow away most other phones on the market.