why siri is not on the desktop



 source: cdn.cultofmac.com

source: cdn.cultofmac.com

So with windows 10 around the corner having integration with their Cortana voice assistant sparks the question, why has apple not implemented their siri on osx. For apple to do this it would not be a very hard task. Most macs have a mic and speakers meaning that they will be able to run this with no problems. Only macs that will have issues are the mac mini and mac pro as they are towers and don’t have mics. Siri is already a low resource intensive program as most iPhones are admittedly not the highest specked devices in the world. So the program it self would not be that demanding either. Running it in the back ground or having a hot key or hot word would make it a very well integrated part of the mac experience and even making it easer for people to use. Being both a mac and pc user my self I see apple as the company to bring features together first rather than Microsoft. But it is nice to see Microsoft bring a feature usually found on a phone to the desktop.

From what I have seen in Microsoft’s keynote and windows dev previews it works well offering a good experience and not always needing to speak to it as there is a text option as well. This implementation reminds me of Google now on android where you can opt to talk or use text to search something. The only problem I have at this point is the accuracy on the final version. As Microsoft is yelling at the top of the lungs that this is “POWERED BY BING!” and from what we have seen from Bing at this point I am a little worried.

Then you have the issue that is most likely stopping apple from doing this, and that's the stigma surrounding people talking to their devices. Humans are hardwired to respond to speech and listen to some one when they are talking (most of the time) and if you are sitting at home and some one else is speaking to a device while you are reading this article or a book its going to be hard to focus on this and not their talking, then eventually you would get to the point where you will tell them to stop talking and just to search it with the keyboard.  If you are an android ware user then there is a chance you have talked to your watch and honestly that feels a little odd. But do that in a public place you will make that experience even more odd and not to mention these devices will need to become more specific. If there is a room full of people spitting out these words that the computers respond to. You will have the issue of everyone searching on everyone’s computer.

Overall I see why apple has not done this before and while I like the looks of being able just to say to my computer to start playing a song. I am a little worried that I will not be around to see this adopted, as this will be a tech that will take a long time before people are walking down the street chatting to their digital friends. I like the idea but I am worried about the implementation.