Gigabyte GTX 960 G1

Author: CPUmodder



The 960 might be the next most popular graphics card among gamers, as we have seen on the steam hardware survey the 660 and 760 be very popular, so following that trend would make the 960 the next most popular video card on the nvidia side. So how does the GTX 960 from gigabyte stack up?

Well being the same core as the strix card we checked out, there is not that much that we can say that is different. Games that we tested on the strix were with in 10fps, which I would say is down to the silicon lottery we all play when getting a new card. Though there were things that did stand out like the fact that it featured a cooler from their higher end GTX 980 and 970, showing us that it has plenty of head room in terms of cooling your overclock. Also it needs the most power of every one we tested with two 6-pin connecters required. This will use more power resulting in possibly the highest overclocking 960 available, thanks to it’s for mentioned cooler from a higher end card. As well as that cooler it also features a cool little LED system that tells the user weather the fans are spinning or turned off. Just like the asus card I love this feature and really happy to see gigabyte adopt this, though I don’t see why we need little LEDs telling us but it is cool to have. The back plate is another nice touch to see on a lower end card. It appears gigabyte has given this lower end card a really nice set of aesthetics. For overclocking I would normally run this card with an i7 980x at 4.7GHz with 8gb of ram but I was asked by the owner not to overclock the card, while I really wanted to see how far I could push the card I did however follow their instructions as I do want to get cards in the future from them. But you should be able to find overclocked numbers out there, though if I had to make a guess I would say that you should see great results from this card. 

In all this card is one of the best looking gigabyte wind force cards available and featuring some of the coolest tech all packed in a really budget friendly price point.  If I had the option of this or the strix it would be hard as both feature almost the same specs and features and it is starting to come down to looks. But either way I would be happy to put either or both of these cards in my system