4k on a Surface

Author: CPUmodder

 source: thefusejoplin.com

source: thefusejoplin.com

When the surface pro 2 was launched at the keynote, they showed off the ability to play in real time 6k video from a red epic dragon. I recently acquired a 4k camera and I have had a surface pro 2 for a while so I thought why not put it to the test.

I first started with shooting the video. It was done on a FDR ax100 from Sony and the video was in 3840x2160 @ 60mbps. I was able to play it back in windows media player no problem no lag or dropped frames. Now in the keynote they used a red previewer and while my ax100 video won’t work with it I decided to test with premiere pro. For the testing I had the surface plugged in and set to high-performance mode on the battery option in case it added any performance, I only had premiere pro open. Once I got the video on the time line I set the preview windows to full and hit play. Well the results were not surprising. 4k on a mobile CPU is not something you want to do. There was dropped frames and lag everywhere so I hit entre to render some preview frames and it worked well. I was able to scrub through the video like they did in the keynote. The only problem was I had to sit there for 20 minutes to get 2 minutes of video that I could scrub like that. So I then lowered the preview to the lowest it let me, which was 1/8 and I was able to scrub through and do everything no problems. The only thing was I was playing back the video in 1/8 the original resolution so I really had no idea what the final video would look like making colour correction pointless. I then tried to leverage the iGPU  but in doing so the whole tablet crashed and at this point the system was hovering around 95c with the fans maxing out, I called it a day as I was not proving anything.

The surface is a powerful tool but to use it as a 4k editing station over a desktop is not something you will be doing anytime soon, I would recommend this as an on the go editing system due to the really nice IPS display making colour work really easy. I like the power the surface packs but for 4k it just does not pack enough.