Nvidia GTX Titan X Thoughts

  Image source:  techreport.com

Image source: techreport.com

So with the new gtx titan launching today many are excited to see if it as good as nvidia is saying. As our sample is not yet available and I have not ran any numbers on the card but seeing what others are reporting it is looking like it is going to be the card to beet. Seeing reports around the internet of it being the fastest video card in the world is also a good sign. but for me the thing that makes it stand out is the fact that it is a black card not aluminum color. I have always liked the titan cooler but never was a big fan of the color and preferred the ones that were painted or just not using them at all but now they are black it does look very nice. 

Other than aesthetics I can't say much more as I achieve not used it  yet. But there is the killer part and that might be price. As the card just launched we have seen reports of it going to cost upwards of $1000usd so here in Australia I would not be surprised if it costs more than $1300aud but the question still stands is this card going to be worth $1300? if AMD can't come up with a card that is any ware near competitive then I guess we will see it stay at that high price but if AMD can come up with something that will compete with it we might just see a price drop.

In all this card looks to be the most powerful single card you can buy at the moment but we will have to wait to see if it going to be also the world's most expensive gaming video card. We should have  a review to come in the following weeks so stay tuned to the site and to youtube.com/cpumodder