Microsoft to launch an entry level surface 3

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Recently Microsoft is said to be planning the release of a more affordable surface 3 tablet with a full copy of windows 8.1. This device would be the successor to the surface 2 running windows 8.1 RT. Microsoft appears to have abandoned windows RT with no devices from Microsoft or third parties being released with this version of windows, but they still have not confirmed that they have. The major issue with windows RT was the fact that it looked and worked like a traditional pc operating system but it did not have the ability to run desktop programs making it essentially another android or iOS limiting users to apps that are approved by Microsoft through their store.

The surface 3 tablet is reported to be running an Intel core m processor like we are going to see on the new mac books. This Intel core m CPU will be able to run the windows desktop os, meaning the surface can finally have the ability that its bigger brother the surface pro has. Though it will feature a full windows os and a CPU to back it up we do need to remember that this is an extremely low power CPU running at about 5w so don’t expect to be editing 4k and running the latest triple A games on it.

With that low power CPU comes the ability for Microsoft to make this a fan less design so the tablet will feature no moving parts. This is a really good move as the surface pro fans can get quite loud and the device can get really hot.

With those specifications this new surface could be Microsoft’s answer to the new 12 inch mac book which is also offering the same full desktop os with a low powered CPU and fan less design. Not to mention the price. It is highly likely that the surface 3 will be much cheaper than the mac book as Microsoft is not taking as significant margin as what apple is. We see that the i3 model surface is around $800 and I would not be surprised if Microsoft aims for the $500-$600 price range as appose to apple starting their new mac book at $1300. Though with that being said we do need to remember that this is first and foremost a tablet with the ability to transform into a laptop with various cases or keyboard covers and this will not be a direct replacement for even the mac book. Either way it will be interesting as to what Microsoft does