Apple Launches New iPods

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The apple store has just received a much needed update to its ageing iPod line up. On the 15th we received news that apple was refreshing the line up with not only new colour options but more importantly more performance on the touch line up. We got updates to the iPod nano, shuffle and touch with no updates or rerelease of the iPod classic that was discontinued around the launch of the new Mac book.

The iPod touch has received a much needed update adding a 128GB option as well as some new colours to choose from. However, they have also given it quite a spec bump making its overall performance closer to the iPhone 6. We get a new 4inch retina display @1136x640 powered by the apple a8 chip and the m8 motion co processor. In the camera department, we are looking at an 8mp shooter on the back with a 5mp selfie camera. We do note however that there is no touch id or apple pay available on the touch variants  which is a big letdown. Though these devices are only intended to listen to music, browse the web and some light gaming it would have been nice to see the features come from the iPhone line up to the touch line up.

For pricing its not too bad either: $280 for 16gb, $340 for the 32gb, $420 for the 64gb and $580 for the 'apple exclusive' 120gb model. Though I find it hard that apple is branding the 120gb variant as exclusive as apple is the only company making these devices. Also, keep in mind that prices do vary from region to region as well as time of year and sales but at the time of righting, those are the prices from

For colours we get the apple gold, silver and space gray options but they have also thrown in blue, pink and my personal favourite red. All colours are vibrant and appear to be well anodized pieces of metal. The overall build and design has not really changed much from last gen, we get the same high quality metal and glass build with extreme attention to detail that apple is quite well known for.

In terms of the other new iPods we appear to have about the same as last gen but in the for mentioned colours.

From what we have seen it looks like a solid update in the iPod touch line up offering us some nice specs and overall a nice storage capacity bump. However I just can't help but to ask why we still have the 16gb option and no 512gb option as these are media devices and storing media is there primary role. let's hope next generation we get that larger storage but for now it is not a bad update to the line up.