Sim Cards Are Going To DIE!



Getting a new phone is always a fun and new experience. Taking it out of the box and pulling off the pieces of plastic to get that very satisfying ‘woosh’ noise is all part of the fun. However, during that set up and excitement the task of swapping sim cards does come into play. For many people this can be a pain and in some cases a costly pain. Weather its going back down to the store to get your sim swapped or finding someone with a cutter; it just takes the fun out of your new phone.

Well it looks like the rivals apple and Samsung have noticed this and taken to the GSM association to make sim cards redundant and replace them with a new embedded sim or e-sim. This e-sim said to work just like the ones we have today but the difference is we only have to enter information rather than finding a way to get a tiny piece of plastic into our phones. It would also feature the same locking capabilities so that carriers can hold devices as exclusive.

On top of this, major carriers from around the world such as AT&T, Telekom, Vodafone and Orange have also jumped on this. For the carriers it can become a saving, as they no longer have to print, transport and teach workers how to set these cards up. They no longer have to run activation call centres and it becomes allot cheaper for them, as they do not even have to do anything as it is up to the manufacture to implement.

If this all works out we may be looking at a future where everyone benefits, the consumer no longer has to deal with fitting the sim card, the manufactures do not have to deal with people damaging sim trays or slots and carriers do not have to stock sim cards.