Microsoft Hyperlapse is Now Available

 Image Source: windows central youtube

Image Source: windows central youtube

Many months back Instagram launched their hyper laps feature for the ios application with no word or information about an android version, leaving many android users annoyed and upset that they could not use the feature. However, an unsuspecting company stepped up to the plate and for filled the wishes of the android crowd. This company was Microsoft.

Microsoft demoed the software in a video, and it looked slick and simple that delivered grate results and we all could not wait to get our hands on it. Then the beta dropped on windows phone and selected android devices and after a few months in beta stages, we are now here with the final build. This release is quite stable and overall is just as good looking as in the video.

Microsoft's approach for this application is a little different to the Instagram version but both operate on the same idea of making shaky low quality phone camera footage into a smooth and fluid video. Instagrams approach is more of a single get it right the first time while Microsoft allows you to import footage or capture from in the application. Meaning you could theoretically hyper laps the same clip multiple times for a better overall result.

Using the app is simple, open it up on your device of choice and you are greeted with two options; capture or import and both are as simple as they sound. Importing allows the user to brows the phone for video files and capture allows the user to capture within the application. The processing times of the clips will vary depending on your device specs as well as the length of the clip and resolution.

If you like the sound of all this it does get even better as it is a free app for any android phone running 4.4 or later. If you are a mobile shooter this can definitely add a new dimension to your videos