New Apple Devices to Land in Fall

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As fall is fast approaching, so does apples launch events. Fall (or spring for people here in Australia) appears to be apples time for releasing new mobile devices and this fall looks to be a busy one. With possible new iMacs, iPads, apple watch colours and iPhones it is all happening over at apple.

An inside analyst has put his thoughts and predictions out and from his track record he looks to be pretty good. He started by telling us that the apple watch sales are possibly on the rise from 3.9 million units to 5.5 million units in the quarter as apple expands to new markets. However sails may spike or at least get a boost when apple announces there new colour options later in the year. We also got news that apples mac units are expected to hit over 5.8 million units as back to school shopping is expected.

In regards to the iPads and iPhones we are told that apple will most likely roll out there 6s and 6s plus during the event. These phones are said to be a small feature bump adding things such as force touch. Like what we have on the apple watch and the laptops. We also got news of a new iPad mini 4, which is looking to be just a slimmed down version of the iPad air 2 rather than a completely different device. However, in all this we got no news of a new ipPad. The report claimed that we would not see a new update to the devices but failed to mention weather the rumoured iPad pro will be showing up any time soon. With the news of no new ipPads it is not looking that good as iPad sales are anticipated to fall to just 5.5 million units. However, they might be launching the device early next year.

As for the imac line up we don't have much on that either but looking around at what is going on in the tech space we may be looking at some new brawdwell processors as well as some new amd 300 series mobile chips in these systems. As well we may see more retina display models added to the line up at more affordable costs.

However, what we know is very limited and much of it is based on speculation and guesses and it will only be a matter of time before we find out