Nokia Here to be Bought by Car Companies?

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Nokias here service has had much interest from the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft but it is the latest companies interests that are raising some eyebrows. It looks like Aldi, BMW and Daimler are joining up to buy the service for $2.17 billion.

For those who don't know what this is all about, Nokia here is a service that is used for mapping places out, a little like how Google maps works, but not from Google. It would make sense for another tech company to try to buy this service to offer a competitor to Google and apple maps, but why car companies? Well it looks like the reason is becoming more and more clear as each day passes, and that is better navigation and driverless cars.

What these carmakers are afraid of is Google or apple holding all the mapping data and only letting select cars that fall under the right specifications use the service. This is a little how android works as only select devices can run the os. Reports are saying that they are doing this now, so that they can have somewhat of a backbone when it comes to driverless cars in the future and offering the customers an option.

Though nothing is finalized we are expecting some more news in the next few days, however,  both Nokia and the car makers have not made any official comments as of yet.