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Lots of people are out their building systems but they have all had to start somewhere and getting help with your next system build is not something the be afraid of worrying about trolls and other people that will just give you 'let me Google that for you' links can be a pain. so before you go asking questions why not check out the useful links down below


top tips to good pc building

1. Plan your build and check compatibility 

      Building systems are fun but with out a plan you will be spending money that you could have


2. Too much thermal paste is bad

     With most things more is better but thermal past is better if you have just enough. How much is

     that? Well for most uses it is about the size of an uncooked grain of rice will get the job done

3. Think about case lay out before you place hardware

    As with air flow if you just chuck all the hardware into a case and expect it to work you will run

    into issues

4. Air flow is king

    You can have the best hardware on the planet but with no airflow you will struggle to keep the

    system cool

5. Download don't use disks

     When you get your new computer parts chances are the manufacture has already made changes

     to the soft ware so get the drives and things that would be on disks from the internet

6. Keep the system up to date

    It’s nice to have a new computer but if things go out of date you are at risks of attacks and software

    that just does not work anymore

7. Set at least 3 hours for you first build

    No matter how many videos you watch it will take you some time to build that computer for the first

    time and having enough time is very important

8. If something goes wrong don't panic

     The minute you panic and start forcing and or rushing things you will make costly mistakes

     if you start to panic or something goes wrong step pack and chill out and come back to it, the

    computer is not going anywhere


Place to get new programs and keep them up to date 

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